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introduction About Mahuva

MAHUVA is the largest taluka in terms of its area in Bhavanagar district. It was also known, as ‘Kashmir of Saurashtra’ for it’s rich natural beauty in the past many decades. At present though the natural heritage of the city is declining due to various aspects. it has given rise to multiple agro based industries supported by approx. 150 surrounding villages

Regional Setting

Mahuva is located on the southeastern periphery of Bhavnagar district, at a distance of 90 kms. from Bhavnagar City. It is situated between 21-50 N Latitude and 71-45 E Longitude. It is situated on the bank of Malan River and it is 5 kms. away from the sea on the south east side. Mahuva is surrunded by Coconut, Chiku and Mango plantations along Malan River and towards seaside. The city is also a regional center for agricultural produce of Cotton, Groundnut and Onions from the surrounding 150 villages.